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Privacy Policy

When you voluntarily submit or send an electronic mailing address or electronic mail Lifestyle Mobility including information about you, Lifestyle Mobility will keep a record of this information so that we may respond to you. We will make every reasonable effort to keep that information secure and will not disclose such information to any other party other than to fulfil any business obligations to you.

Responsible Use of Information

Your personal information privacy is important to us. As our customer, we respect your right to be aware of who has information about you, what they are doing with it and why, and who else they are sharing it with. Our company has adopted a privacy compliance culture that cements this relationship with you. Its foundation is the new private sector privacy laws.


We collect information about you to provide you with the product or service you have selected. This may include finance approval, account management, arrears enforcement and end of contract communication. We may also use this information to provide you with details of products and services that may be relevant to you. Types of information we collect and handle includes identity and contact details of you and your referees, information about your financial circumstances and history, and product or service preferences you may have. Generally, we collect this from you. On occasions, we obtain information about you from others. This allows us to tailor our products and services to best suit your needs.

Use and Disclosure

Our use and disclosure of information about you is dictated by the product or service you take up. We will not use or disclose this information for a purpose unrelated to this or outside your reasonable expectations unless we have your agreement or need to meet a legal obligation or authority. To provide our products and services in the most cost effective and efficient way, we may need to utilise the services of others. Should this require us to share information, we will require those persons to respect your right of privacy.

Quality, Access and Correction

Information about you is integral to decisions we make about our products and services for you. It is essential that that information is correct. You are encouraged to assist us to ensure this by alerting us to any changes in your particular circumstances. You are also welcome to get access to information we hold about you and to draw any inaccuracies to our attention, by contacting us.


We will safeguard information we handle about you. This includes preventing its misuse or loss both internally and externally.


What Information is Collected and Why? Data is collected from our website to determine which pages are the most popular, what country users come from, peak usage times and similar information. This data is collected to improve our site and improve the customer experience.

Changing Website Terms and Conditions

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