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Afiscooter SE Single Seat

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The Afiscooter SE has redefined the meaning of ‘cool’.

It is a large all terrain mobility scooter and its design is often likened to that of a Harley Davidson motorbike. It also excels in comfort, style and safety systems. The Afiscooter SE is extremely easy to use and can handle any tough surfaces due to its reinforced steel chassis. It has a rear power unit for added driver stability, suspension and shock absorbers.

The Afiscooter SE has become an icon and is clearly one of the most sporty and stylish mobility scooters on the market.

If you prefer to get the dual seat scooter,  You can check it out here.


Reliable electronic command system

Comfortable seat with adjustable armrests

Fully electric, provides a silent, environmental friendly & highly efficient maintenance vehicle

Three wheel model for maximum maneuverability

Solid large rear basket for storage


Maximum Speed: 10 km
Battery: 12V/ 75AH(Lead-acid battery)*2 (standard)
Front Wheel: 25.4 cm
Rear Wheel: 35.56 cm
Dimensions.: 158(L)*73(W)*124(H) cm
Weight Capacity: 200 kg
Per Charge Range: 45 km
Chassis Height Above Ground: 12.5 cm
Net Weight:
146 kg
Battery Weight (One Unit): 12V/75AH 15-20 kg


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