DiBlasi Travel Mobility Scooter


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The uniqueness of the Di Blasi from other portable scooters is that it folds and unfolds at the push of a button.Some other great features of the Di Blasi include Simple fold/unfold of the scooter by the push of a button Lithium Ion battery & 20 Km Range.

The mod. R30 is a scooter powered by an electric motor It can be folded or unfolded fully automatically: just press a button to fold to the size of a suitcase, just press another button to let it return to normal scooter, immediately ready to run.

When unfolded, it offers a comfortable seat and easy access;  it is easy to drive: just turn the main switch and regulate the speed  by turning the twist grip; can be driven also in narrow areas because its overall width is only 62 cm; it is handy because its  turning radius is only 58 cm and it can go in reverse; can be driven even on unpaved roads thanks to its large 12.5inch wheels; it easily climbs up to 12% slope; it has a range of 20 km.

When folded, its size is only 62 x 39 x 48(h) cm and therefore can be stored almost everywhere:  in the boot of cars, of motor homes, in the elevator, in a small corner at home, etc.  The weight (including the battery) is 24, 9 kg; without battery (which can be removed or fitted in one second) the weight  comes down to 22.1 kg.

Maximum Speed: 8 km/hr

Battery Spec.:
– 24V/ 8.5AH(Lithium)*1 (standard)
Front Wheel: 12.5inch
Rear Wheel: 12.5inch
Dim.: 620(L)*390(W)*480(H)mm
Weight Capacity: 115 kg
Per Charge Range: 20 km*
Turning Radius (min): 580
Net Weight: 24.9kg
Battery Weight (One Unit): 24V/8.5AH 2.8kg

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