Efly Lite Travel Powerchair




19Superlight, foldable & travel friendly. The new travel friendly Glide powerchair is one of the latest on the market. This excellent machine gives the user more choice than ever before.
The Glide Travel powerchair folds in one step. It is compact and easily fits into the boot of a car. This travel powerchair only weighs 14kgs!!! It is the lightest foldable travel powerchair on the market.
The Glide Travel Powerchair can be taken on aeroplanes, cruises, busses, trains & cars, making it extremely versatile. These chairs have a fantastic turning circle. They are able to completely turn around in one position, which means that they are a great option even indoors and confined spaces such as bathrooms, kitchens and tight hallways.
The lightweight Glide Travel powerchair will hold up to 100kgs, will travel 20kms on one charge and folds in seconds. Great for indoors as well as travelling. You can’t get a better all-purpose machine.

Maximum Speed: 6 km/hr
Rear Wheel: 6″x12″
Overall Size: 1050mmx720x960mm
Folded Size: 80x320x700mm
Weight Capacity: 100kg
Per Charge Range: 20km
Battery Spec.: DC29.4v 3A
Seat Width: 460
Seat Height: 490
Backrest Height: 390
Net Weight: 19kg
Weight Capacity: 100kg