Pride Revo 2.0


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The Revo2.0 is a new class of portable scooters! This unit has many great features all built into one solid package!
The Revo2.0 is dependable portable scooter mixing in with The midized range to portable this scooter is a great option for someone who is need both needs! .
With advanced Comfort-Trac Suspension (CTS), feather-touch disassembly and standard under seat storage are all  great features to this durable and stylish scooter!

•USB charging point built into tiller
•Durable and stylish rear bumper
•CTS front and rear suspension
•Delta tiller, ergonomic wrap around handles
•Pride’s exclusive black, flat-freem non-scuffing tyres
•Feather-touch disassembly
•Front basket
•Under seat storage
•Easily accessible tie down points (for transport of unoccupied scooter)•User-friendly 8.89 cm (3.5″) under-deck clearance at side deck