Solax Mobie


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The Solax Mobie Mobility Scooter comes with a plane safe certificate which makes it ideal for overseas holidays, and the compact size makes it perfect for cruise ships!

The Solax Mobie portable folding mobility scooter is a manual folding scooter that folds down easily by pulling a lever. It has an adjustable tiller inward and upward and a lightly padded seat for additional comfort. This scooter is designed for people looking for a lightweight and easy to transport mobility solution. When your Solax Mobie scooter is folded you can simply use the tiller handle to pull the scooter behind you like you would a carry case.

Enjoy the freedom you’ve always dreamt of with the Solax Mobie mobility scooter.


An easy under-seat folding mechanism allows for easy folding and unfolding
The padded seat, adjustable tiller and flip-up removable armrests make the Mobie a truly fun and comfortable scooter
Perfect for any travel, be it by train, car or plane


Maximum Speed: 6 km
Battery Spec: 24V/ 10AH(Lithium)*1 (standard)
Front Wheel: 15.24 cm
Rear Wheel: 17.78 cm
Dimensions.: 99(L)*54(W)*84 (H) cm
Weight Capacity: 125 kg
Per Charge Range: 15 km
Weight without battery: 23kg
Battery Weight (One Unit): 24V/5AH 1.5kg
Colour: Red / Blue


Solax Mobie