Cheltenham is a large suburb of around 25, 000 people situated about 19 km south east of Melbourne’s CBD. It is inland from the beach, which contributes to housing being significantly more affordable than the nearby beachside suburbs. Cheltenham is centrally located and has the benefit of the Frankston train line running right through the suburb- for commuters this means a travel time of around 30 minutes. One stand out feature of the suburb is the huge Southland shopping complex which straddles the Nepean Highway. It seems that there are many long term residents in Cheltenham and there are many mobility scooter users. Local resident Arthur who is a scooter user had this to say: “Even when I still had a car, I never liked the struggle to find a parking spot at Southland. I’m just as happy travelling on my scooter to the shopping strip on Charmain Road. There’s a great selection of shops and I’m there every second day having a coffee and snack. It’s pretty easy using the scooter to get around on this side of the highway and maybe once a week I’ll make the longer trip to the Community Centre, which has a great range of activities”.