All warranty is provided by the manufacturer.

If the customer detects what is believed to be a fault, they must attempt to follow the trouble shooting exercise set out in accordance with the Product Manual before contacting Lifestyle Mobility. The customer shall not return any of the goods at any point without first contacting Lifestyle Mobility via the Warranty Repairs form and receiving confirmation to return.

As the retailer, we follow the manufacturer’s warranty process and may ask the purchaser to provide the below at

their own sourcing and expense:

  • Warranty Repairs Form filled out, including all details
  • Proof of The warranty starts on the date of purchase.
  • It is the customer’s responsibility to have the batteries tested under load at a battery centre and provide the

evidence of results to Lifestyle Mobility.

  • Any photos/videos of the product and areas of possible damage/fault.

If your product needs repairs and is deemed covered under the manufacturer’s warranty, the customer will be supplied the parts affected as per the manufacture’s coverage. This warranty does not include any labour or shipping charges incurred in replacement, part installation, or repair of any such product as given by the manufacturer.

Batteries and chargers come with a 6-month warranty and may be replaced at a maximum of one time during the initial warranty period following the sale of the scooter. Whilst it is usual for batteries and chargers to last considerably longer, the extent of battery and charger use is completely beyond the control of Lifestyle Mobility.

Hours of use, the load the batteries are dealing with, distances travelled, and terrain all impact significantly on life of batteries.

Warranty claims are subject to the scooter having a full service completed approximately 12 months after the purchase date at a place authorised by the manufacture. It is the owner’s responsibility to organise and pay for this service. If the service is not completed approximately 12 months after purchase, the warranty period may be void.

Any damages caused by misuse, negligence, accident, water, improper maintenance or commercial use are not covered under warranty. All claims are assessed individually by the manufacturer and it their decision to identify misuse, negligence, accident, water, improper maintenance or commercial use.

Normal wear and tear, tyres, tubes, plastic shrouds, motor brushes, bulbs, fuses, upholstery, armrest pads, general tightening of all nuts and accessories are not covered under warranty. Unless otherwise stated in your proof of purchase.