Sumo scoota 200

I purchased the Sumo scoota 200 – This scooter has taken the stress off my wrists from using a walker for so long. Its a beautiful blue colour. Even when its on slow turtle speed i’m still going faster than my husband walking along side me 🙂 This scooter has made a big difference in my life already. I am now able to do things in less pain and less stressful

FKingston, Nerang QLD

It is with great pleasure to give a review about my mobility scooter

I am very happy with the lifestyle mobility scooter company, the people that I dealt with were wonderful and so helpful. I was very thankful and appreciated every service.

This mobility scooter is so handy to have, when you give up driving a motor car and still have your independency.

Able Rider is the brand name I brought, and many people have given me comments on the Gold color I choose.

Thank you for a wonderful service from all your company, Regards Laurel Howell.
God Bless.

Laurel Howell, Banora Point NSW

Fantastic Payment Plan options

Hiya Lifestyle Mobility

Just had to drop you guys a line. The scooter arrived today and it is a beauty! The Afikim breeze s4 was worth every cent and I am so glad i purchased the hard canopy with it as well as it was well worth the investment. Its keeping the rain off now that we are heading into cold weather.

I would never have been able to afford a gopher if it hadn’t been for your fantastic payment plan options. You helped me get into the scooter and pick the right kind of plan to suit my circumstance. I had been looking for a new scooter but couldn’t work out how to afford one and then i came across your website and it was a breath of fresh air! Finally a business catering to all needs.

I have already recommended you to several other people in town.

Thanks again guys!

Johnny Port Pirie, SA

Luggie Scooter in Newcastle

I received my scooter on Friday it’s a beauty I have only used it around the house and yard at the moment, i’ll go shopping later in the week I would like to thank you for you help, it makes things a lot easier when we get caring people like you. Thank you again if any one asks where I got it I will certainly give them your e mail Big thank you Ron.

Ron P

Thanks to my friends at Lifestyle Mobility

To all of my friends at Lifestyle Mobility, Thanks for recognising the importance of my scooter to my mobility, for dealing with its return quickly and for collecting & returning it to my home to make it easier for me. Special thanks for picking it up early so that i could get to work on time.


King Cobra in Wallaroo

I purchased my King Cobra from. Lifestyle Mobility about 9 months ago. I have dealt with everybody who works there and have found all of them to be very helpful and friendly, even when I had a small problem it was quickly rectified. Every time I go to the supermarket or down to the Main Street I am stopped and asked for information regarding m King Cobra. I have shown the back of my parcel carrier with your phone number and name on it. My friend Kym asked me and I gave him the information about Lifestyle Mobility and the next thing I knew he had bought a King Cobra and is very happy with it. Yours sincerely Robert (Tony) Armour, Wallaroo.

Tony Armour

Thank you. Bacchus Marsh VIC

Hey guys, thanks so much for your outstanding service.

I coudln’t be more exited about my brand spanking new scooter.

I have been stuck at home for the last 3 years, unable to get out to do simple things like get milk or go to the chemist for my medications.

This scooter has really truly given me a new lease on life. I dont think i have smiled so much in a long time.

I have already been stopped int he shops by several people asking about the scooter and i have given them your number & flyer.

From a very happy customer – Sal.

Sal Lomans

Afikim in Healesvale

Well i am over the moon with my new flash mobility scooter.

It just arrived and was delivered and i am blown away.

I am so glad i picked this scooter it drives smooth and handles the bumps nicely.

Thanks for your terrific service Lifestyle Mobility. Your staff have been nothing but amazing, especially Frank who came out and set up the scooter and helped me on delivery.

Thumbs up!

Maggie Clark

My mobility scooter in Bacchus Marsh, VIC

I thought this would be a good opportunity to thank your business for its outstanding service.

I purchased a Pegasus Pro from your company & have been driving it all over Bacchus Marsh with ease. As you are probably aware, Bacchus Marsh has some hilly areas and uneven footpaths. This beautiful scooter has performed well above my expectations.

I am very happy not only with the scooter, but the price & attentive nature that your company has shown to me.

Thanks again, John.

Thumbs up!

John Cartwright

All terrain mobility scooter in Caboolture, QLD

Wanted an all terrain mobility scooter when i was looking for a mobility scooter. Came across the Lifestyle Mobility site. Found the Predator & the Hurricane Grand that were truly 4×4 and decided to go with the Hurricane Grand in the end as it went a distance of 75km!!
Thanks for your help when i wasn’t sure which one to choose. great pricing as well.

Sian Cowes, Caboolture QLD

Travel mobility scooters

Just had to say a quick hello.
Your lovely staff member Rebecca came and did a demo of 5 x of your travel mobility scooters. She spent the time going through each and every one of them in detail and was patient & well informed.

If anyone is looking for a travel mobility scooter in Melbourne area I would strongly advise you to call Lifestyle Mobility as they have the best range i have seen & are very accommodating & do free home demo’s all over Victoria.

I ended up purchasing the Compact powerchair travel for indoors & the Luggie Elite mobility scooter to keep in my car.


Gerald Holmes, Dandenong VIC

John & his mobility scooter in Newcastle NSW

Very happy with my mobility scooter.
I drove it from Warners Bay to the John Hunter hospital in Newcastle for an appointment and it went like a dream. Smooth & spongy – some of the best mobility scooter suspension i have felt before.

Glad i decided to go with the Comet Alpine+ & cant recommend your superb service. Not only did you give me the best price, but you went out of your way to help me at every stage from pre-purchase to purchase to delivery.

10 out of 10.

I ended up purchasing the Compact powerchair travel for indoors & the Luggie Elite mobility scooter to keep in my car.


John Kelsey, Necastle NSW

King cobra of the island, Bribie Island that is..

Gday lifestyle!

My King of the Island scooter is an absolute beaut!
I love driving around on my Beast of a machine instead of my car.
So much easier to get around.
Thanks for the recommendation and your great help all the way through.

Top notch job.
10 out of 10.

I ended up purchasing the Compact powerchair travel for indoors & the Luggie Elite mobility scooter to keep in my car.


Ken Graham

Diblasi travel scooter

Hi Matt,

I had to let you know that the scooter had it’s first outing to a dog show on the weekend, to say it was a hit would be a huge understatement.

People were impressed with how well it travels on the grass and over curbs and they were amazed by the push button folding mechanism. I have added a removable basket on the front and a crutch holder on the side. I have attached a picture of the scooter with it’s extras for you to see as well as 1 of it in the back of my car and if you look me up on Facebook you will see more photos and all the comments from people who were there.

Thanks heaps for you support and hopefully I can generate some sales for you.



Looking online for scooter made easy!

Searching online for a mobility scooter to suit my specific needs was starting to look too hard. There were so many websites, including second hand websites like eBay and Gumtree – which were just too ‘used’ or ‘expensive for a pre-loved item! I found it hard to compare them all. And buying a brand new scooter outright was too expensive for me and not an option. However, after speaking to Matt at Lifestyle Mobility, I knew I’d come to the right place. No hard sell, just a really good comparison of the mobility scooters on the market. And there’s a lot! Matt helped me choose what requirements I needed to suit my specific needs and lifestyle, and he worked out a plan that I could easily afford, in fact I couldn’t believe how inexpensive it was per fortnight, considering I’d own it outright in 24 months!. I now have a new state of the art, 4 year warranteed, reliable and bright red (!) scooter delivered and assembled for me at my door! Erin at the office also made the financial transaction a smooth and easy process, so thank you SO much Matt and Erin for your help and personal, tailor-made perfect for my needs service.

Gina Pash, Bowral NSW

Great business!

What a great buisness ? I found these guys online and the sales guy was so helpful and the price was so sharp as well! He listened and helped me find the best Scooter for my particular use. I got it yesterday and i am so happy with my purchase! Been driving around the neighbourhood and it’s so easy and smooth to drive. DEFINITELY RECOMMEND Lifestyle Mobility Scooters!!!?

June Searle, Cowora NSW

Trixie Pittman from Wangaratta VIC and her Invacare Pegasus Pro scooter

Sincere appreciation to lifestyle mobility scooters.

I contacted lifestyle mobility scooters about purchasing a mobility scooter for my husband. He has MS and has been struggling to do the things we used to enjoy. My husband was finding being pushed in a wheelchair restrictive and he was sick of relying on others to get him places.

Calling lifestyle mobility scooters was one of the best decisions we have made, the whole process was smooth and easy. I spoke to a lovely gentlemen who helped me decided which was the correct scooter for my husband, he then showed us the product by way of home demonstration. Once we had picked the scooter we liked, he also gave us a great price.

My husband has been using his scooter everywhere, he is no longer stuck in our home, but is now able to enjoy life freely and independently.

I am so glad I made the choice to contact lifestyle mobility scooters, they’re what every business should be – helpful, informative, competitive. I will be recommending their business and services to all my friends & family. Well Done!

Trixie Pittman, Wangaratta VIC

Thank you for your help with repairs

Hi Colin, Peter and Co,
It’s now so long ago that I am embarrassed to be sending this email, but still wanted to write and say “Thank You” for the repairs to my little Colibri in April… and, most especially, for delivering it back to me.
Living alone, with only working family, limits my ability to get a lift to collect things such as the scooter… yet it is key to my independence and maintenance of my self-esteem.
I didn’t email you straight away because you may recall there was lots of rain around that time and I didn’t really get to try it out … and because the fault had been intermittent, I wasn’t REALLY certain it was fixed.
However, it has certainly had plenty of use since then and all going perfectly well… so thank you.
Also wanted to let you know I have also been able to disassemble and reassemble the scooter for transportation for an outing at the zoo… (although with a lift into the car of course) so great joy for me with the grandchildren … and also a sense of empowerment returning… which has been severely lacking since the brain cancer was diagnosed.
Anyway guys… there are other names I’ve forgotten I think… but just wanted to let you know you’re efforts WERE greatly appreciated…. Even it took me a while to cross it off my “To-Do” list.
Cheers, Chris

Chris, Mitchell Park SA

My new auto folding solax transformer genie travel scooter

What a great purchase this was!

Thanks for all your help. When i initially called i thought i should purchase a different scooter altogether, the luggie but after speaking to your very helpful sales guy he asked me all the questions about what i would be using the scooter for and went into alot of detail with me, he then recommended the product that was absoloutley perfect for what i needed.

I cannot be happier with this purchase and i am certainly going to recommend you to all my friends and family.

For anyone looking for a travel scooter the auto folding solax transformer genie travel scooter is definatley a great option.

5 —– star service!

Joan Irving, Margate QLD

Seamless and efficent service in Melbourne Victoria

Please pass on to your top bosses.

As background, I had been through an arduous process of visiting four Mobility scooter stores including some in Melbourne in my mission to review and buy a scooter for my mother.

Hopeless! I then found your site online.

From the first contact with your web site it was made easy where I picked up a chat that put me in touch with Matt.

Matt was able to answer every question I had on the range of scooters. Very knowledgably!
So much so I finished up ordered it then and there.

Peter picked up the ball and kept me informed of the shipping details, etc.
Both the delivery of the Scooter from Sydney and the accessories from SA arrived exactly on the day as advised.
Not a bad effort as my mother lives close to nowhere.

Border Express even rang in advance on the day to confirm and arrange the best time. A real blessing as I’m 350 km from where it was being delivered.

Congratulations to all involved on an extremely seamless and efficient service.

Many thanks

Gary Lyons

(Trust me, I do not pass on complements easily)

Gary Lyons

Recommendation from Helen in Mossman NSW

May I recommend Lifestyle Mobility.

You may be aware that we have recently purchased a mobility Scooter for Geoff from Lifestyle Mobility. Prior to the purchase, I spent many hours on the web researching “just what Geoff needed that would cater for his various health and mobility issues“ and Lifestyle Mobility was by far the most helpful Company that I contacted

There is a confusing selection of mobility aids available and many have only some of the features that are needed and it is essential that sound and professional advice is provided plus a very timely and reliable after sales service is on hand. Lifestyle Mobility as a Company provide all of these features and in fact I had been in touch with their Head Office in Adelaide for over 12 months seeking advice about products (as Geoff’s needs changed). The Company Manager in NSW was the person who came to our Unit to provide one on one advice plus demonstrations of the mobility scooters range that we were interested in.

I would highly recommend him to both you and our residents. He made several trips to our home to ensure that we were choosing the right scooter and he gave excellent advice about what features would meet Geoff’s needs. Most importantly, he made sure that Geoff was happy and comfortable with his new scooter and that I was fully across everything. Even after the purchase he contacted us several times just to check that all was well and he gave me his mobile to be in touch with him any time we needed more support.

No other Company I contacted ( and I contacted many) gave anything like the service provided by Lifestyle Mobility. Both Geoff and I were very grateful.

Peter picked up the ball and kept me informed of the shipping details, etc.
Both the delivery of the Scooter from Sydney and the accessories from SA arrived exactly on the day as advised.
Not a bad effort as my mother lives close to nowhere.

Border Express even rang in advance on the day to confirm and arrange the best time. A real blessing as I’m 350 km from where it was being delivered.

Congratulations to all involved on an extremely seamless and efficient service.

Many thanks

Gary Lyons

(Trust me, I do not pass on complements easily)

H & G Spring

“Very Very” Happy customer from Melton VIC

To mark, you really did make me [ an old man ] very very happy. First of all the patience and understanding i received from mark at lifestyle was outstanding. In the day, i had 2 companies of my own and lifestyle is ”no 1”. I purchased a used large scooter [ new price over $6000 for $2300 this included a rear bag and a canopy. Well. When it arrived 2 days after i paid for it, i thought there had been a mistake because this looked like a brand new scooter, i was over the moon with pride that i had this wonderful scooter in perfect order. I give lifestyle and their wonderful staff 10 out of 10 and reccommend anyone needing a new or used scooter to purchase from lifestyle as you will be treated with respect and understanding and very great prices. So to mark, peter and all staff at lifestyle, i wish you all a very merry christmas and a most happy new year. You are the best in the business…………cheers michael curry

Michael Curry

Melton, Melbourne Victoria Mobility Scooter Pegasus

Hello – Thanks for your help in my recent purchase of the Pegasus invacare mobility scooter from Melton Woodgrove.

I had been thinking about getting a scooter for a while and it was fate that you happened to be there to help me.

The mobility scooter training you did with me was very helpful & i certainly appreciate your efforts.

Sybil Lyons

Envoy 8 Mobility Scooter

Dear staff at Lifestyle scooters,

Thankyou for your continued help during the purchase process of my new Envoy 8 Mobility Scooter.

I am loving driving it around the Frankston area and have already recommended you to several people who have stopped me Bayside Shops to ask about it.

Many Thanks,
Mr N.Stockman

Mr N.Stockman, Frankston VIC

Low price and great range

Hi All, i don’t normally do testimonials but in this case i thought i better. The 5 star service i received at Lifestyle mobility scooters needs to be applauded. When i initially inquired about a mobility scooter i didn’t really know what i was looking for but after speaking to Mark on the phone i felt at complete ease that he knew exactly how to help me and which scooter would suit me best. He went through in detail about what i would be using the scooter for, and asked me lots of questions to make sure he was recommending the right one.

Once we decided on a scooter, he helped make the payment plan process quick and easy so that i could get finance for the mobility scooter and pay it off over 2 years.

It really is a one stop scooter shop and i cannot sing thier praises high enough.

thanks Mark & Crew i am a happy customer and that is why i am giving you a 10 star rating. My Afikim c4 mobility scooter and I are getting along like a house of fire. Cheers, Bev & Richard Kenny. Kerang VIC
Mr N.Stockman

Bev & Richard Kenny - Kerang VIC

Solax Genie Auto Scooter

Wow! Just Wow! what a fantastic scooter. I cant wait to take it overseas with me. Your outstanding service & attention to detail when helping me choose my scooter was second to none. I will definitely be recommending you to all my friends & fam.
Cheers guys.

June Freeman

And many more happy customers with their scooters

Eva Perry from Wollongong NSW likes her new scooter

Good morning Matt, Eva here, you’ll hopefully remember me from when we first met nearly three years ago when I first boughtmy mid-size mobility scooter from you- and of course I’ve been in since. I have only good things to say about the scooter and it really has been such wonderful device to use on my trips to the shops or the chemist and all those day to day things. When I last called into the showroom a couple of months ago I told you about the cruise I’m planning to take in June and you were good enough to show me a couple of options, including the Compact Powerchair, which I tried out. I liked it a lot and now that the trip’s only a few months away I’ve definitely decided to go with it. It will be perfect on the cruise and will mean I can get around the cruise ship really easily. They tell me the corridors aren’t too wide but the chair will handle it easily. I’m pretty excited right now because of my confidence that it will be perfect for me! I’ll give you a call today.

Eva Perry, Wollongong NSW

Ron Adams from Red Hill Canberra and his mobility scooter

Hi Matt and Peter,

I wanted to contact you now that I’ve had the as soon as the powerchair for a month. As I told you at the time I have a neurological condition which means that I’m not much good on my feet. I’d looked at a variety of mobility scooters before I contacted you at Lifestyle Mobility, but the problem was that it wasn’t a scooter that I needed. The Compact Powerchair changed all that. My requirements are pretty specific- I needed a reliable product that could turn in a really small space, basically do a 360 degree turn on itself; it had to be light- preferably under 20kg AND be readily folded so my wife or carer can put it in the boot of our car.

That’s why the Lifestyle Powerchair was just right for me. It weighs under 20 kg and you showed me how it folds in 5 seconds. Excellent, and the fact that it can travel up to 20 km per charge. I hadn’t used a joystick before but I found that it was really responsive to my touch. After a little practice it was just right for me- the normal handgrips on the larger scooters just aren’t suitable. All in all, it has been my best purchase.

Ron Adams, Red Hill Canberra

David from Munno Para SA speaks about his new scooter

A picture paints a thousand words- especially when it’s a very happy customer! This is David from Munno Parawho called in to see Lifestyle Mobility at their stand at the local shopping centre last week. It’s always great to get direct feedback from our valued customers and David is certainly no exception. Munno Para is a big shopping centre in Adelaide’s northern suburbs and David is a regular visitor there. He told us that he loves spending a couple of hours doing his shopping, catching up with friends and maybe having a coffee. “I love this scooter because it’s just so easy and it looks good too.I also like that it’s so comfortable and that whenever I want to go out, I just do it. Never have to wait and rely on other people to get me out.” It was great seeing David and to see and hear just how happy he is with his scooter!

David, Munno Para, SA

Kerry from Gawler SA likes her new scooter

Happy customer Kerry from Gawler recently caught up with the Lifestyle Mobility team at Munno Para at our special product presentation there. Kerry loves his Luggie scooter and was especially delighted that he’d just been on holiday in South Africa where he’d gone on tour-and of course he took his Luggie with him. And what a success it was! Kerry told us that before the travel company in South Africa saw the scooter they were a little sceptical about taking it on the tour but that changed as soon as they saw how compact it is it folded up (smaller than a standard size suitcase) and how incredibly compact. So as Kerry said, the tour company was more than happy to have it on board and as for him, “I was over the moon with the scooter. It’s so easy to use and it looks great too. I got so many admiring comments. The thing is that it doesn’t get in anyone’s way and for me it meant that I could do all the same things that others on the tour were doing. It was just fantastic on the holiday and it’s also terrific now that I’m back at home.”

Kerry, Gawler, SA

Lyn Dwyer from Mt Gambier SA speaks about new mobility scooter

Hello everyone at Lifestyle Mobility. Lyn here from Mt Gambier. Thank you for sending the bag and attachment for my scooter, which I bought from you last year. The scooter has proved to be very beneficial and it has prompted me to write and say thank you for all the help you gave to me when I bought the scooter, especially that you were so patient. Frankly I should have bought the scooter a couple of years earlier. I remember you saying that many customers had commented to you that they wish they had done it earlier! They were right. I’m not old, so my mobility is something that I should be able to take for granted and so the scooter is making a big difference in my life. I was thinking if you when we went out to dinner on Saturday night to my favourite Indian restaurant. It certainly helped that they have disabled access but the main thing is that as a compact scooter I was able to bring the scooter right up to the table in a comfortable way without disturbing anyone else in the restaurant at all. All in all, my experience has been first class. Sincerely, Lyn

Lyn Dwyer, Mt Gambier, SA

Morris Redmond from Port Pirie SA and his mobility scooter

Hi Matt,
I thought it was time to get in touch and say hello again. You’ll remember me in Pirie. The arthritis in my legs had to the stage that it’s getting really hard to get around. Don’t get me wrong, I still make surer I do some walking everyday even though it’s painful but the scooter is a godsend- I don’t want to struggle when I go down to the shops or if I go out. Do you remember that you met my son Terry when we bought the scooter? I was just thinking of you because Terry was up from Adelaide the other day and took me out for dinner with me in the scooter and then we went to my favourite place in Pirie, the Tavern. I hadn’t felt able to go there for the last year at least, but what a difference the scooter made! We stayed for quite a while, had a couple of drinks and I really enjoyed myself. The scooter has really made a big difference. By the way thanks for getting the canopy and the attachment for me. Thanks again, Morris

Morris Redmond, Port Pirie SA

Anthea Stewart from Stawell VIC is happy about her mobility scooter

Good morning Peter
How are you and your staff at Lifestyle Mobility? I was just wanting to let you know about our experience with the travel scooter which we bought from you in November. In short it has been absolutely wonderful for me. As you may remember, when we saw you in Stawell last year we were looking for a product which would be suitable for an ocean cruiser and which would be small enough to navigate narrow corridors on a cruiser and with a small turning circle. To be honest I also needed a lot of reassurance about riding a scooter in the first place. You were wonderful in spending the time with me and David. I felt completely confidant after that and 6 weeks later we were on our cruise along the eastern coast of Australia. It was absolutely wonderful and just as you’d said, I was able to get about with ease. David was pretty jealous I must say. Many other passengers complemented me on my scooter and I passed along your details to everyone who asked. It really made our trip and back home in Stawell it is proving just as practical in our home and for short trips down to the shops. I couldn’t recommend it or you more highly. Thank you very much, Anthea

Anthea Stewart,Stawell Vic

Ursula Thomson from Ararat VIC talks about her her mobility scooter

Dear Matt, I met you and your team in Ararat when you were passing through in September last year and at my invitation you presented three mobility scooters to my husband and me. I know we asked a thousand questions, but it didn’t escape our attention that you were endlessly patient and helpful. My husband has been having a lot of trouble in his legs over the last few years and it had become increasingly difficult for him to be on his feet for any length of time at all. And because of this we felt we’d made the right decision in accepting your advice on the mid-size scooter. I can tell you now that he’s never looked back and feels like a new man. It has made it much easier for him and to be honest, me as well, for him to visit the chemist or doctor and to come down to the shops with me. I will probably be getting in touch with you again mid-year about something for myself. It’s not that I need a scooter just yet but I’m impressed with the travel scooters and feel that if I do go on a cruise at the end of the year it will be perfect. Thanks you for all your help and I’ll be in touch soon.

Ursula Thomson, Ararat Vic

Julianne Kohler from Warrnambool VIC is happy about her scooter

Hello Lifestyle Mobility, it’s great being on Warrnambool and having the level of attention that Lifestyle Mobility provided to me. So often these days it’s all about selling and then see you later. But to your great credit, your representative was happy and willing to spend time with me providing a good test ride and giving me confidence that I can drive the scooter myself. That was wonderful unpressured service and I’m letting people I know you might be in the market for a mobility scooter how happy I have been with your company.As for the scooter itself, it has been absolutely marvellous for me- I had felt very restricted before purchasing the scooter but now I feel my life has opened up again especially for the simple things I enjoy, particularly spending a few hours browsing at Gateway Plaza and last weekend I got myself to the Pavilion Café to see friends. I know these are simple things, but when you don’t feel able to do them it makes a big difference to your enjoyment of life. So now I really do feel independent again. Thank you very much once again.

Julianne Kohler from Warrnambool, VIC

Nina House from Maryborough, VIC speaks about her mobility scooter

A friendly hello to all at Lifestyle Mobility and thanks to all the staff there for their help before and after my purchase of the Comet. First of all, you got me the scooter much more quickly than I’d anticipated. Then, I really appreciated how you helped when I explained that I’m on my own and did not have anyone who could help when the scooter arrived. For this you were able to organise a local handyman to help me get the scooter out of the carton and into my garage. That’s service above and beyond in my book and it was really appreciated. It’s also a great scooter- I had my confidence up in full after a couple of tries around the block. As you said, it’s much easier than driving a car! By day two I was confidentially driving down to Goldfields Shopping Centre down and doing a full shop-without having to worry about struggling back home with my walker. It meant that I was completely relaxed and not at all tired out when I got home. Since then I’ve made a point of catching up with several friends and enjoying the fresh air as I ride around. It has been really wonderful and I’ve appreciated everything you’ve done for me.

Nina House from Maryborough, VIC

Laurie Johnston from Canberra is happy with his new mobility scooter

My wife and I have been looking at electric scooters for a number of months and on Monday 15th Feb we came on the site of lifestyle mobility and looked at the magnum scooter. A short time later I had a phone call from Michael at lifestyle mobility where we were presented with a number of options for the purchase of the scooter. We considered the options overnight and on Tuesday morning we went ahead and purchased the scooter together with a number of accessories. Everything was delivered here in Canberra on Friday morning 19th. Everything arrived in good order and undamaged. After unpacking the scooter it only took a short time to have it set up and being able to be used. The scooter looks great, it is safe to ride, and it is very comfortable. I would recommend lifestyle mobility to anyone who needs a mobility scooter..Great company

Laurie Johnston from Canberra

Roger Craig from Penrith NSW talks about his mobility scooter

Hi Matt, I guess you remember me? Roger from Penrith… I bought the Outback from you back in March and I have to say it was absolutely the right decision from the word go. My only regret is that I delayed my decision to buy a mobility scooter in the first place for far too long. Looking back my daily life had become far too restricted and there were many times that I’d have liked to go out and didn’t. I still remember the day you delivered it- I went out on my first ride as owner and have never looked back- it is so easy and so responsive to use. Penrith’s a great place to live but it is big and that’s where my scooter has made all the difference! I’d given up going to Westfield Plaza because it its size and I really didn’t have the stamina to handle half a day at the shops but now I drive around to my heart’s content. You might remember that I’m a huge Panthers fan so apart from supporting them I really enjoy getting down to the World of Entertainment and going to one of their Tuesday trivia nights. That was a load of fun and got the brain going as well. Thanks again.

Roger Craig, Penrith NSW

Rita Van den Berg from Harris Park NSW is happy about her mobility scooter

Hello to all at Lifestyle Mobility, I’ve been meaning to contact you for a while now and to thank you for all your help with my buying decision and give some very positive feedback about how happy I am with my mobility scooter purchase. I’ve lived out west for all my life, either in Parramatta or here in Harris Park. It’s amazing how the place has transformed- it used to be a fairly poor area but now but now I hear people saying it’s the pace to be. I know you know. all this already but the fact is that the lifestyle of the suburb influenced my decision to buy a travel power chair from you. I need something compact for my cruise to Singapore next year and also for all the times when I catch up with my friends and family for morning tea or lunch locally. What I’ve found with my power chair is that it’s so easy and so manoeuvrable and also how many people stop and ask me about where I got it and how fantastic it looks. I really appreciated that you followed up with a phone call to see how it was going.

Rita Van den Berg, Harris Park NSW

Julie Benson from Cronulla NSW and her mobility scooter

Hello Matt and Peter, it’s been a pleasure dealing with you a Lifestyle Mobility before, during and after the purchase of my scooter. I can’t speak too highly of your great customer service and cheerful advice- even when I asked a lot of questions! I appreciated your advice about the correct size scooter for me given my height and weight and the sorts of distances I would be needing the scooter for. As we discussed, I live several blocks back from the beach at Cronulla, so I’m lucky enough to avoid the enthusiastic crowds that gather in the pubs and clubs on Friday and Saturday nights. But again the scooter has turned out to be perfect for me for my weekly shopping, visiting my nearby friends and also my favourite activity which is riding my scooter down to the Esplanade fairly early of a morning and enjoying the ride and the beautiful views of the water. It’s got to be one of the best beached in Australia. it’s very therapeutic for me and I never tire of it. I couldn’t do these sorts of trip without my scooter. Thank you so very much, Julie.

Julie Benson, Cronulla NSW

Joanne Sharp from Liverpool NSW is happy with her new lifestyle mobility scooter

Thank you to the staff at Lifestyle Mobility who provided me with the compact travel scooter I need for my long planned holiday jaunt around Australia. I have had some experience with more traditional larger scooters but had not previously encountered these new travel scooters. These really are something different and they look great. I’m absolutely delighted with the one I chose- it’s easy to use and so unobtrusive and I’ve had so many positive comments about it. I knew Lifestyle Mobility had a great range of scooters, But I was thrilled with the new generation model they showed me. It didn’t take me long to buy it and I love it- it’s a racy colour and it’s SO easy to use that I feel like a new woman! Already I have used the scooter every second day at the shops and I know it will be perfect for my holiday. If you haven’t had any dealings with Lifestyle Mobility, I found them to be absolutely terrific and they have my warmest endorsement with service second to none.

Joanne Sharp, Liverpool NSW

Tammy Shayne, Hornsby NSW speaks about her new mobility scooter

Lifestyle Mobility has been a god-send to me. I have lived in Hornsby, about 27 kilometres out of the Sydney centre, since I emigrated from the UK as a young teenager in the 1960’s. When I was looking around for my first mobility scooter, my experience was that most places simply went through the motions- keen enough to sell but not listen. What a refreshing change! The two Lifestyle Mobility staff that I dealt with were good listeners and took the time to find out my needs, especially that I don’t have a lot of space where I live and needed something fairly compact but enough to get me around to the shops and doctor. I also wanted to have a scooter that was strong enough to take me to the Lisgar Gardens to enjoy the natural beauty- my favourite spot in Hornsby. What really stood out to me was Matt calling a week or so after I got the scooter to ask how I was going and whether there were any issues with the scooter. He even offered to come out and deliver an extra mirror for my scooter. He was a real gentleman and I couldn’t be more pleased with the customer service that I got.

Tammy Shayne, Hornsby NSW

Larry Parks from Strathfield NSW talks about his new mobility scooter

Just a quick line to you folks at Lifestyle Mobility and please, by all means show this to others. I was having a difficult time with emphysema when I first spoke to Matt and Peter at Lifestyle Mobility. I wasn’t exactly confined to my house but I sure wasn’t too mobile and it had just become too hard getting in and out of my car. My big issue is not wanting to leave Strathfield, even though I’m in a large house on a large block which I probably don’t need anymore, I’ve lived here for forty years and am really attached to the area. Strathfield is a nice leafy suburb with lots of nice shops scattered all over which I like to visit and that’s where Lifestyle Mobility had the answer- I told them that I wanted to cover a fair bit of ground again, just like I used to. They recommended one of their larger scooters with independent suspension and a 30 km plus per day range. I went with that happily and now that I’ve had the scooter for 5 or 6 weeks now, I can absolutely say it’s the best decision I’ve ever made.

Larry Parks, Strathfield NSW

Phil Coates from Petersham, NSW shares his experience with his new mobility scooter

To the staff at Lifestyle Mobility, I want to briefly express my thanks to you for listening to me and being very patient in the first place. This was so different to my experience elsewhere believe me. In reality, I badly needed to transition away from a walker which was a struggle for me as well as being a difficulty for my wife. I had previously delayed for too long about getting into a new mobility scooter. Your staff took notice of what I was saying about my circumstances and very helpful in my decision making about the right scooter. The wife and I have always loved our food and one of the first things we did was to check out with Petersham restaurants have disability access and one of them is the Oxford Tavern, our favourite! We’re lucky in that we live off Styles Street and so we’re pretty close to Norton Plaza which is great as we can shop easily without my wife needing to slow right down to keep pace with me. I am delighted with the freedom my scooter is giving me.

Phil Coates, Petersham, NSW

Jim Larson from Balmain, NSW speaks about his mobility scooter

Hi Matt,
I’m not generally in the habit of writing a testimonial but Lifestyle Mobility really deserves my praise. First of all, Matt identified with me because he’s lived in Balmain himself and knows how special it is. I’ve lived here all my life and it’s really changed. Once it was a working class industrial suburb but it’s really changed over time and become edgy and dynamic. I love it and wouldn’t think about moving. However, things changed for me when I couldn’t drive my car anymore. This was a blessing in one way because in Balmain the streets are really narrow and parking is a problem. The downside was that I was really struggling to get around at least until I came across Lifestyle Mobility, asking for help in selecting a mobility scooter. I had been pretty daunted by the whole thing but you made it easy! What I liked was that it took me about one minute to get used to riding the scooter. I love the pubs, bars and bistros in Balmain and I’m now whizzing around to all my favourite hunts with the greatest of ease. It’s a really good feeling to do my thing whenever I want.

Jim Larson, Balmain, NSW

Margaret Henderson from Chelsea Vic is happy with her lifestyle mobility scooter

Hi to everyone at Lifestyle Mobility,
This is a big shout to say ‘Thank you!’ to the team at Lifestyle Mobility for not just the assistance you provided me prior to the sale and during the sale. I’m so grateful and absolutely love my compact travel scooter. I’m looking forward to my overseas cruise later in the year where I’m absolutely sure is going to be an absolute boon for me. Last year I did a cruise with no scooter and although I enjoyed it, it was not easy getting around the ship and also at stops along the way, it just wasn’t possible for me to get very far. It will be fantastic to be my own boss and really get around on the next trip! In the meantime, I’m loving my scooter at home in Chelsea- I’m just back from the beach, so everything is close, including Chelsea train station and the great array of shops along the Nepean Highway, where the footpath is smooth. I’m really nurturing my scooter and even though I probably only drive it for a few hundred metres most days, that’s quality time for me and it has changed my life. I feel like I’m in charge again! Thanks again to you all.

Margaret Henderson, Chelsea Vic

Lewis Taylor, Warrnambool Vic and his mobility scooter

Dear friends at Lifestyle Mobility, Lewis here from Warrnambool. I was always brought up to believe that one should always say thank you when really good service is provided and you certainly provided outstanding service to me, so thank you. Like a lot of older folk, I must admit the internet has been a real boon to me, inspire of the fact that I was suspicious of it in the early days. These days I use it all the time including for shopping as I did with you before Christmas. You certainly met my expectations- I received exactly what I wanted and very promptly. From first contacting you online to delivery of my scooter, it all happened within a week. That is good service and since getting the scooter it has really expanded my horizons as previously I was frequently out of breath. I can use it for golf and going to watch the football in town and of course for the more mundane things such as shopping. I would recommend you to anyone who needs a scooter and would like a helping hand along the way.

Lewis Taylor, Warrnambool VIC

Hayley Wilson from Naracoorte, SA buys a mobility scooter

To the staff at Lifestyle Mobility, I am keen to give you some positive feedback nearly six months down the track. You will remember me contacting you after I spotted your company on-line just after New Year’s Day. I might have dithered around a little at the time but I have not looked back ever since. My gopher has turned out to be one of the best purchases I’ve ever made! It really is wonderful and has made such a difference to my life. I’ve even taken it to Padthaway with the family a couple of weeks ago with the family and had a really nice day’s outing. When I’m in town, it’s down to the shops and the library as well as visiting friends whenever I choose. The scooter is a compact size and I’ve never felt that I have been getting in anyone’s way. What a fulfilling experience it’s been to have complete confidence to do these things whenever I want to and how different it is to life before my wonderful gopher. Anyway, you most certainly have a most satisfied customer here. Thanks again.

Hayley Wilson, Naracoorte SA

Kevin Park from Holme, SA is happy with his lifestyle mobility scooter

Hi Peter and Erin, thank you so much for coming around personally to deliver my new scooter. It is an absolute delight for me especially since for the last few weeks since I had a fall (not too bad) I feel like I’ve been trapped at home. To be honest I haven’t been happy with just my own company. It’s been too much effort even to get to the bus stop and so my life has really brightened since your team at Lifestyle Mobility supplied me with the perfect scooter. Right from the first day it’s made all the difference in the world. On day one, I woke up and thought: I’m going to the shops and I did! It sounds simple and it probably is but for me it means freedom and independence to do what I want to do and not having to wait for a relative or friend to go out of the way to pick me up. It was so great to get around the shopping centre so easily and independently. Wonderful! Another thing is that I’m looking forward to going to an Aussie rules game at Adelaide Oval in the scooter. It’s been a while since I was last able to go and it will be great. Thanks again.

Kevin Park, Holme SA

Kaye from Maryborough, VIC buys a mobility scooter

Good afternoon Matt and Erin. This is just to keep in touch and to follow up on my purchase of the Pegasus scooter. I said that I’d contact you again and I am really happy to say that the Pegasus is going great and I’ve been practically living in it! I also really appreciated the fact that there was no rush with you when I talked to you on the phone and that you were happy to have a chin wag with me. In fact, we talked about a whole lot of things not just mobility scooters. Do you remember I talked about my Australian Terrier? I was a bit worried at first about whether he would like coming out with me on the scooter but I shouldn’t have worried, he absolutely loves it and hops on before I do. He is as happy as Larry about it which means and I am too. I’m getting on a bit now and I can tell you that sales people who can really be bothered to find what the person wants are sometimes as scarce as hen’s teeth, especially when the customer is a bit off the beaten track meaning not in the city. Thanks again Lifestyle Mobility I am a happy camper!

Kaye, Maryborough VIC

Don from Naracoorte SA speaks about his mobility scooter

Hello Lifestyle Mobility. This is not the sort of thing I usually do, but since you were so great to talk to overt the phone and then went ahead with my order I thought you deserved a pat on the back, especially since you showed that you really care for people in regional towns like my good self. It’s been a month now and I can tell you dead set this mobility scooter is the best thing that’s happened to me in years. I kid you not even the lollypop lady at the school crossing has been giving me a big wave when I go past each day or maybe she just likes my Akubra. Being serious it’s been three years now since the prang in my car which really made me lose confidence in driving. For me the best thing is that I have got my confidence and I’m going where I want to go when I want to go just like everyone else and that’s fantastic. You were right this scooter is perfect for me around and about town. Thanks again.

Don, Naracoorte SA

Stuart from Stawell, VIC and his mobility scooter

G’day Lifestyle. Stuart here. And yeah you guys really looked after me and it’s appreciated. Happy days, you put me on to my new scooter and it’s the best thing since sliced bread I can tell you. The missus has been on to me for years now telling me I’m a couch potato for not doing something about getting a gopher. It was only when I saw you on line and contacted you and then saw my scooter when it arrived that I finally realised how good scooters really are and wow just hopping on, giving it a burl and seeing how easy it is. My scooter has really changed things for me. The wife says there’s a smile on my dial for the first time in years. I tell you that it’s so much easier to drive my scooter than trying to hoof it around town, not that I can do that anymore anyway. I’m telling all my friends to see you guys when they need a scooter.

Stuart, Stawell, VIC

Margot Fernleigh from Ararat, VIC speaks about her decision to get a mobility scooter

My husband David and I could not be happier that you visited Ararat and demonstrated your new scooters to the two of us as well as other customers. Ewin has hummed for a couple of years now about his need for a scooter and he really liked these new models.

Before even making a buying decision, I do need to day how much we both liked Matt and Erin’s friendly and easy going style. No pressure and really helpful right through. David couldn’t be happier with his new scooter which has made all the difference to him right from the get go- he loves it! This has also brought forward my own wish for a scooter, which will be my first.

As you’ll remember our discussion, I don’t have quite the same pressing need as my husband, but the fact is that I quickly get out of breath walking too far. I really liked that smaller scooter you showed us, so expect a call from me this week. I’ve even picked out that blue colour which will be a nice contrast with David’s!

Margot Fernleigh, Ararat VIC

Shirley Braggs from Warrnambool, VIC speaks about her mobility scooter

Hello Lifestyle Mobility! This is Shirley from Warrnambool. You met me the other day in town at the mall. I just wanted to send you a thank you note for spending the time with me and being so patient and sympathetic to my situation.

I’ve still got my ancient old scooter which I bought years ago but I loved the new scooter that you showed me which pulls apart. This will be perfect for me in transporting the scooter in my son’s car. I have already made up my mind to get one from you and the colours I’m going to have. What a marvellous thing that you can change the colours to suit yourself!

As I explained, I am having an operation later this month and rest assured, I will be calling you to arrange delivery of my new scooter as soon as I’m out of hospital. It’s really something to look forward to especially as it means I can be mobile again. It was a pleasure to meet you both and to get your good advice and assistance. Thank you so much.

Shirley Braggs, Warrnambool VIC

Geoff Seidler from Bendigo, VIC shares his experience with his new mobility scooter

I was really pleased to meet Matt and Erin when they came to Bendigo today, having earlier spotted Lifestyle Mobility on their web page after being told about this company by a friend who’d already purchased a scooter from them and is really happy with it. These two really knew their stuff and were extremely friendly and accommodating when I met them.

What I really liked about them, apart from the fact that they are really friendly, was that they listened to what I wanted and told me about the best options for me. I don’t own a car anymore and Bendigo is a big town so I needed a sturdy scooter to get around in.

Well as soon as I tried out my new scooter I knew it was right for me. The easy operation of the scooter is a real plus as is the power. My wife likes the hare (for fast and the tortoise for slow markings!) Apart from getting to the shops and the bowls cub, I have already gone to the football in Melbourne by train. It has all been simple and dare I say it, fun. Thanks to my new friends at Lifestyle Mobility.

Geoff Seidler, Bendigo VIC

Kelli Prescott from Springvale, VIC talks about her new Powerchair

I wanted to let potential customers of Lifestyle Mobility know what a great deal they can expect.

A little about me …I’m a mature age uni student and I have a neurological condition which makes mobility an issue for me, not least for getting around campus. I really needed the independence of getting away from a wheelchair and being pushed by others and/or using a walking stick.

Whilst I’ve used a gopher or scooter previously, what caught my attention on contacting this company was the completely new generation compact and travel scooters they had available.

The lighter weight powerchair that I bought was so much what I needed and in fact I was unaware that these were available. It was a perfect match for me because now I can take my car to campus, get it out of the boot easily because it completely folds up and only weighs around 19kg. From there it is a perfect size to get around campus.

It’s so manoeuvrable and gets me into lectures easily and with no fuss.

Kelli Prescott, Springvale VIC

Kevin Sullivan, Seaford, Vic talks about his new Mobility Scooter

The missus has been on to me since forever to replace my old gopher which had struggled along for ten years and was well and truly past its use by date. Anyway finally I took the plunge and contacted Lifestyle Mobility.

I wish I had done this much sooner because they’re tops We’re both pensioners and I need my scooter to get from our home and along the Nepean Highway to the shops in Seaford or Frankston or the doctor and chemist as well as meeting up with mates.

The people at Lifestyle Mobility were really good and helped me to get a really great gopher which was just right for me.

Our finances are something we need to be really careful with and the Lifestyle Mobility people were very understanding and helped us choose a quality scooter that was within our budget.

The wife has taken to riding my scooter and it won’t be long before she’ll want one of her own. When she decides we won’t hesitate to go back to these people, they were really good.

Kevin Sullivan, Seaford VIC

David Sullivan, Emu Plains, NSW – Extremely happy with Lifestyle Mobility Scooters service

Getting in touch with Lifestyle Mobility and getting their advice, down to purchasing my new scooter has been a complete pleasure and that includes contacting them again a few days later to get a canopy and large shopping bag added to my initial order. All done promptly and no fuss.

I came across this company after a very frustrating start dealing with two companies that simply didn’t have me and my needs as their first priority and their approach was very frustrating for me. I was reluctant to start again, but Lifestyle Mobility was a refreshing change.

Matt and Erin made it all so simple right from the start. They heard me out and recommended what turned out to be exactly what I had been looking for all along. It’s a great scooter and it’s smooth and responsive. In fact, I felt completely confident in it from the movement I sat in it and set off.

Quality of service and attention to detail was outstanding and I’m more than happy to support your work in every way I can, starting with telling everyone at my local club.

David Sullivan, Emu Plains, NSW

Albert and his new Mobility scooter from Kilkenny SA

Dear staff at Lifestyle Mobility, Thank you so much! I really love my wheels which I’ve practically “lived in” over the last fortnight

This is the second scooter that I’ve owned but this one is a beauty, clean, sporty and male- looking. Everything I’d hoped for! You have really helped me in identifying a scooter that is suitable for off- road use. I was rapt that you were so patient with me, listened to my needs and came up with a spot-on solution.

I am so grateful for your responsiveness, as well as the fact that my wife and I were able to have a couple of laughs along the way. I had the scooter delivered within three days of meeting you in the showroom which was a real plus for me. All up, my experience was extremely positive and I am already recommending your company and your services to friends and colleagues.

Albert, Kilkenny SA

Katie Wellington, Chatswood, NSW and her Lifestyle Mobility Scooter experience

It is my pleasure to endorse Lifestyle Mobility and to thank all the staff there for the really wonderful job they do in helping customers with disabilities.

I have a genetic disorder which has resulted me becoming obese and also a continuing degenerative decline in both my knees which makes weight-bearing a really unpleasant experience.

I still work three days a week and have been using a walking stick for several years at work and at home but the reality is that things were not getting any better. I don’t know if I’m different from other people but for a long time I felt that I didn’t want a scooter and looking back, that was just plain silly on my part.

With my new mobility scooter which Lifestyle Mobility advised would be best for my needs (and the great colour) I feel like a new person. I really had forgotten what it was like to be able to move around with complete ease and how much difference that has made to my life.

I guess it was just a confidence thing but now that I’ve taken the step I wish I had done it years ago, especially as it took me about 15 seconds to check out driving the scooter and how comfortable it is.

Katie Wellington, Chatswood NSW

Amy Martin – Peregian, Qld – talks about her experience with her Mobility Scooter

I just wanted to add my own experience to those of others and to endorse Lifestyle Mobility as the very best providers of customer service and quality merchandise that I have come across in a very long while.

Their friendly, helpful and attentive attitude was a delight. For those reasons, I am delighted to add my voice to those of others. My situation is that I suffer from arthritis and while I’m able to stand fairly freely, walking for any length of time is painful and slow.

As a small business owner there is no way I can afford to slow down and I don’t want to. The thing is that I had become much too reliant on my staff in dealing with customers and I wanted to be in a position where I could get back to using the personal touch with my customers.

The scooter which Lifestyle recommended is absolutely perfect for me. I’m not a large lady and the light weight scooter which they recommended entirely fits the bill. It easily breaks apart into seven pieces which I can do in under a minute when I need to put the scooter into the trunk of my car. It’s so easy and so reliable!

Thanks Lifestyle Mobility.

Amy Martin, Peregian QLD

Lisa from Sandringham, Victoria and her new mobility scooter

Lifestyle Mobility has been really wonderful in all my dealings with them. I have had a series of misfortunes and this company has seen me through them.

I was living in Perth when I bought my Companion travel scooter and it immediately changed life for me from being largely immobile at home to being able to get about with ease and gain some real independence.

The scooter has changed my perspective entirely on scooters or gophers as I’ve heard them called. When I go out with friends for a coffee my Companion moves effortlessly across the shop right up to the table without taking up any more room than if I was seated in a regular chair.

When I had to move to Melbourne my scooter was damaged in transit (I hasten to add this was entirely my fault!) I was really upset but Lifestyle Mobility came to the rescue and were absolutely fantastic in getting a Melbourne technician out to my new address and having the scooter promptly repaired.

I can’t speak highly enough with all the staff who have really helped me- Peter, Matt and Erin. If people reading my message need help with a mobility scooter, my advice is go to Lifestyle Mobility.

Lisa, Sandringham Victoria

Ruth Milchard from Mitchell Park and her mobility scooter experience

I had been riding my old scooter, purchased many years ago, and had been was putting up with its intermittent performance. Finally, I called in at Lifestyle Mobility’s showroom on Friday and spoke to Peter. First of all, I really need to say that I really appreciated Peter’s helpful advice and queries, which were all about establishing my needs and what I needed the scooter for. His service and friendly approach were really welcome, including Peter allowing me to drive the scooter around the large carpark for a test drive. He was more than happy to wait until I spoke to my husband that night, even though The fact was however, that I’d fallen in love with the scooter at first sight and I told Peter as much! It looks so great and sporty and feel like living in it – well that’s a slight exaggeration! I came back in on Saturday morning and purchased it straight away and already I’ve been driving it constantly! Lifestyle Mobility were great to me and I’m so happy with every aspect of their service and of course, my new scooter.

Ruth Milchard, Mitchell Park

Emelina Dwyer from Burnside talks about her mobility scooter

I’m a strong believer that seniors are no different to any other section of the community in our love to travel and now that I’m retired, it is time to really indulge the travel bug!

The trouble is that I felt held back and simply wasn’t getting the most out of my travel plans mostly because my old “gopher” just wasn’t suitable for travel That really changed when I spoke to Peter, the Manager of Lifestyle Mobility who was a fantastic help in advising me a whole new world of travel independence- particularly the Transformer which I bought the same day I saw it. It’s compact, folds up and is easy to fit into confined spaces in a hurry. It is also incredibly light weight.

I’m just back from my European dream cruise, which was fabulous in no small part due to my fabulous scooter. An unexpected bonus was how useful it was on board the cruiser- those ships are big! Best of all for me was at the destination ports. A lot of the passengers stayed on board rather than getting out and about, or else stayed close to the harbour. Not me! I had the confidence to use the free hours to travel around exploring all the highlights of each destination, in my own time and with no fuss. Wonderful! My message to others is, if you are a keen traveller, don’t let your mobility hinder your travel experience!

Thanks Lifestyle Mobility.

Emelina Dwyer, Burnside

D Robinson, Caloundra and his mobility scooter story

I am a relatively young man who and I have very limited use of my legs for anything other than one or two steps.Although I have previously lived in suburban Brisbane I moved to the Sunshine Coast three years ago for the quieter life. During my time here I have been renting a power chair from an agency and it’s taken me a while to make the decision to move away from a rental situation which wasn’t really providing the type of scooter needed. I wanted to get something that was much sturdier and reliable and also to get away from a rental situation. For those who know Caloundra, the back streets of Caloundra, are pretty hilly and I needed a scooter with some real power to get around. I found contacted Lifestyle Mobility after seeing them on the web and they went above and beyond to make sure that I purchased the right power chair for my disability. I have since bought bathroom aids and a power lift recliner chair from Lifestyle Mobility because I was so happy with their service and price.

D Robinson, Caloundra

W Bradley from Moana speaks about his experience with Lifestyle Mobility scooters

Lifestyle Mobility picked me up when they saw me broken down on the side of the road with my mobility scooter that I had purchased elsewhere. I was pretty upset at the time and thought I was in a real fix, not knowing how on earth I was going to get home. I haven’t ever seen this level of service anywhere else. The two of them went and got their van and took me back to my retirement home and then took the scooter away and fixed it free of charge. There was nothing in it for them except a desire to help. This kind of genuine care is rarely found in today’s world. Because of their outstanding service I have since switched to them for my regular services and have recommended them to all of my friends. I am very pleased to say that if you are looking for a mobility scooter these lovely people are who you want to buy from.

W Bradley, Moana

L Grant from Mt Gambier is happy with his mobility scooter

Erin and Matt from Lifestyle Mobility were enthusiastic and a delight to meet them here. I was over the moon to see how much they went out of their way to help me find the best product for my lifestyle. It’s not always easy to sum up all the things you expect in a scooter and these guys. I can’t express how much gratitude I have to these guys, they really made this whole experience easy.

L Grant, Mt Gambier

B McMillan from Shepparton and his perfect mobility scooter

I both endorse and recommend Lifestyle Mobility to anyone who is looking to purchase a mobility scooter or mobility aid. Their preparation was excellent, they answered all my questions and provided me with a mobility scooter that was perfect for the farm I live on. I’m not too far out of Shepp and I’ve found the scooter to be fantastic in getting around town now that I’ve given up my car. Anyone who knows the town will know that it’s pretty flat and spread out. I’m still a bit of a handyman and like getting into the hardware stores which are on the outskirts. It is an easy drive on the scooter. My family and grandchildren love the Victoria Park Lake and getting around that is a breeze and a lot of fun with the grand kids and my daughter. In fact, around the lake I’m out in front now.

B McMillan, Shepparton

J Harper from Erindale speaks about her experience with Lifestyle Mobility

THANK YOU LIFESTYLE MOBILITY! You are terrific people with big hearts. You made it so easy for me to purchase my mobility scooter and I am so happy I picked you! When you dropped off my scooter you walked along side me to my local shops (over a kilometre away) just to make sure I was comfortable and felt safe. Your outstanding service is a notch above the rest. You are trustworthy people who I can rely on if I ever need anything. Thank you for all your support and care for me, I am truly grateful.

J Harper, Erindale

R McDonald from Clovelly Park SA talks about her experience with Lifestyle Mobility

I had shopped around for a new scooter prior to speaking to Lifestyle Mobility and found it difficult to find anyone who really cared about my needs. The places that I had tried earlier were only interested in pushing a sale, not what I needed or wanted. It was very different with Lifestyle Mobility. They were extraordinary from start to finish; they were really strong on customer service and not only did they provide me with a fantastic mobility scooter but were also very patient and spent time with me making sure that I was confident in riding the scooter. I must admit it was just a confidence thing- my scooter is amazingly easy to ride and I’m totally at home in it! It’s also been really pleasing that Lifestyle Mobility have followed up with me up over the last 6 months to see how I was going. So I’m really pleased to endorse Lifestyle Mobility- they were great for me and I’m sure they would be just the same with other customers.

R McDonald, Clovelly Park SA

Dave Alberici from Port Augusta talks about his mobility scooter

I am really pleased to recommend the Lifestyle Mobility company. I first met Matt and another staff member when they visited our shopping centre here in Port Augusta and my wife and I were able to have a really good long chat with him. Matt was really helpful and was interested in us and our lifestyle. We needed a good robust scooter and were probably looking for something much smaller initially but Matt explained that we needed a medium size scooter for the fairly long rides that I would need it for, not just getting down to the Plaza. He recommended the Comet which we ended up purchasing. Have to say Matt was right right…I am fairly solid and it is the perfect fit for me. I’ve had it now for going on six months and I am really happy with it. Thank you to you and your company.

Dave Alberici, Port Augusta

Penny Dwyer from Mt Barker gets her mobility scooter

Hello Peter, thought I’d call to let you know that my Pegasus scooter arrived safely last week. I had it out of the package in minutes and rode it round the front yard. It was so easy and I’m become very confident driving it around. Tomorrow is Farmer’s Market and I’m looking forward to driving it around there and buy a few goodies. Thank you and your staff for their help. They were excellent

Penny Dwyer, Mt Barker

Natalie Walker from Bendigo talks about her Lifestyle Mobility Scooter experience

Hi Matt,
I am really pleased to tell everyone about my positive experiences with Lifestyle Mobility. I suffer from Fibromyalgia and for anyone who doesn’t know the symptoms of this condition, the main one is chronic widespread pain and joint stiffness. The weather in Bendigo where I live is usually pretty good but when there is a cold snap my condition flares up really badly, making a comfortable scooter really important. After listening very patiently to me and after a lot of discussion we settled on the Litetrider, which has been just right for me. I really like traveling to the shops a lot and I use the scooter constantly for that. The thing I like most though is something that I’ve just started doing it the last couple of months, taking the scooter on the train to Melbourne. It’s so easy to do that and once I get to Southern Cross I take off and get around the shops in the city or even get out to Carlton.

Natalie Walker, Bendigo

Max Scholz from Barmera purchased his mobility scooter from Lifestyle Mobility Scooters

Thank you for your kind help and extensive assistance in purchasing my new larger size scooter which I really do need to get around in these days especially as I’m as passionately involved in my work here as ever. I’ve found the scooter a vast improvement on my previous one which I purchased many years ago. What I do is organise tours of the internment camp at Barmera which was established in 1941 and housed international residents who were considered a threat to Australia during the war. I’m pleased that you were so obviously interested in my stories about the camp as I am very proud of my work here as tour organiser. The camp was established in a difficult time and most Australians today have got little idea about those times. Strangely enough the internees were mostly happy and they were certainly very productive.

Max Scholz, Barmera

Albert Pinitya of Bankstown NSW talks about his experience with Lifestyle Mobility Scooters

Good afternoon Lifestyle Mobility. Albert again. Really want to thank you for your patience and outstanding customer service. First of all I ordered online for my Dad who is now 81 and to give you heaps of credit, you took the time to listen to me and ask a lot of questions about Dad’s needs before going on to recommend the mid-size Pegasus. You said that this was because he was six feet tall and would need the extra space for his feet which he can’t move easily. But no, I knew better and was fixated on the smaller size scooter which I could see could take his weight, so we ordered that. You were right and I was wrong! Dad did need the larger Pegasus and we twigged to that as soon as the first scooter arrived. And that was where I was really impressed. I was blown away when you agreed to take the Leo back with no fuss even though it was me that had messed up and to swap it for the larger scooter, which arrived in record time and which was perfect for Dad. I’m very happy and Dad even more so. Thank you all.

Albert Pinitya, Bankstown NSW

Geelong mobility scooter testimonial from Jessica

Hi Peter, I’m your biggest fan in Geelong (go Cats!) . You and your team were so helpful in advising me and being so supportive in choosing the best mobility scooter to suit my needs and I was impressed that your staff had some idea about the difficulties faced by people like me with neurological disorders. My compact scooter is absolutely perfect for all round use and I use it constantly. Pakington Street precinct in Newtown is my favourite shopping strip and there is no way I could get around there without my mobility beauty. By the way, now that I’m a scooter owner, I’m just starting to take notice just how many people there are now getting around in scooters! Anyway for me, I’m a happy camper.

Jessica, Geelong

Buddy from Kangarilla and his mobility scooter testimonial

G’day Matt, it’s Buddy from Kangarilla. Thanks for calling me back. I just wanted to thank you guys so well when I bought the scooter after seeing it on the site. When I bought it, it was great that the scooter arrived here very quickly in good condition and with everything that I wanted. I’m using all the time now. Thanks again.

Buddy, Kangarilla

Jill Ross from Quindalup Western Australia discusses her mobility scooter

Hi Erin, this is Jill Ross from Quindalup in Western Australia. The scooter arrived this morning and I would like that you for the extra effort you put in with the finance and the staff for speedy shipment to Western Australia. I would not hesitate in recommending your company as a good reliable choice.

Jill Ross, Quindalup WA

Helen from Muswellbrook and her mobility scooter

Hello Lifestyle Mobility. It’s Helen Bennett from Muswellbrook. I really liked dealing with your company. You made it very easy for me to get a three wheeler scooter. I couldn’t afford a lot of money and you helped me find a scooter within my budget but would help me in getting around town whenever I want to . I’ve lived in Muswellbrook all my life and like to think I know it backwards, but it’s a great place and there’s always new things to do. You remember me talking about the Arts Centre? I’m very keen on the art world and our centre is excellent. On my scooter I’ve gained new confidence and been down there half a dozen times to enjoy the traveling exhibitions and some of the local work as well. Also been down to the Aquatic Centre for some hydro sessions are really good in the warm water. Thanks for all your help.

Helen, Muswellbrook

Brian and his mobility scooter from Broken Hill

Hello Lifestyle Mobility, this is Brian from Broken Hill. This is just a catch up message to say a big thank you for advising me on the Outback scooter which I bought from you. The scooter is running very nicely and I use it all the time… I have spread the word around where I got it from. It really is a good scooter for the outback, not that I’m saying that the silver city is really in the outback although it’s a long way from Adelaide and even further from Sydney!
Thank you also for your prompt advice on tube replacement and tyre sealant which I was able to get at a great discount price. I’m very happy with your service.

Brian, Broken Hill

Dorothy from Townsville talks about her mobility scooter from Lifestyle Mobility Scooters

Good morning Lifestyle Mobility. It’s Dorothy from Townsville and just wanting to give you an update on how things are going with my mobility scooter since you were such a big help to us recently.

My husband has had two hips replaced and both knees, so to say it is a struggle for him to walk pain free is putting it mildly I can tell you. I just wanted to let you know how he’s going since buying the Spitfire Scooter from you last year. Before we bought the scooter things had not been good. Now he takes the scooter whenever there will be any walking involved or even standing for any length of time. Best of all, it has helped him to keep up with his wife at the shops haha. Taking this step has meant a big step up in morale for both of us. Thanks again.

Dorothy, Townsville

Celine from Noarlunga and her mobility scooter

Celine from Noarlunga in SA bought an Elite travel scooter from Lifestyle Mobility. Celine suffers from polio and had previously purchased a scooter elsewhere which she described as “painful.” “First of all, special thanks to the young man and woman from Lifestyle Mobility who came down to me at Noarlunga and showed my sister and I the right scooter for me. My particular concern was being able to rest my foot and they showed me how to do this so that it would be comfortable. The travel scooter has been fantastic and I used it to travel to Britain to visit my family- it was just marvellous and made getting around so easy. I am going to the polio conference in Victoria and plan on taking some of your brochures with me and letting others know. Thank you for all your help”.

Celine, Noarlunga SA

Laurie from Canberra and his new Magnum mobility scooter

My wife and I have been looking at electric scooters for a number of months and on Monday 15th Feb we came on the site of lifestyle mobility and looked at the magnum scooter.
A short time later I had a phone call from Matt at Lifestyle Mobility where we were presented with a number of options for the purchase of the scooter. We considered the options overnight and on Tuesday morning we went ahead and purchased the scooter together with a number of accessories. Everything was delivered here in Canberra on Friday morning. Everything arrived in good order and undamaged.
After unpacking the scooter it only took a short time to have it set up and being able to be used. The scooter looks great, it is safe to ride, and it is very comfortable. I would recommend lifestyle mobility to anyone who needs a mobility scooter. This is a great company

Laurie Johnston, Canberra

Jen from Brisbane Queensland loves the independence with her new mobility scooter

Jen Grieg lives in Brisbane and recently purchased a mobility scooter from Lifestyle Mobility. Like many others, she hadn’t owned a scooter before and was very pleased with the service offered: “Special thanks to Lifestyle Mobility. Your advice was that I needed a small portable scooter you were right! The model I bought is just what I need especially when I’m out and about at the shops. The best thing is that I don’t have to rely on my husband having to push me anymore. He’s pretty happy too.

Jen, Brisbane QLD

Rodney from Mitchell Park South Australia talks about his mobility scooter

This one is from Rodney Marshall of Mitchell Park just near Lifestyle Mobility’s showroom in Marion:

“Thanks to you guys for your help in getting me the two scooters. Now I see the Lifestyle Mobility sign when I’m out and about and it’s nice to be able to stick my head in the door and say hello. I Wasn’t always like this…matter of fact I used to be pretty active…did drag racing all over Australia back in the day. Special thanks for last week when I called you from the hospital because the nurse wouldn’t let me drive the scooter after my operation. I know you’re a business and didn’t have to pick it up for me, but you did. Really appreciate that.

Rodney, Mitchell Park SA

Errol from Joondalup in Western Australia and his lifestyle mobility scooter

Errol Mattingly is from Joondalup in WA. Errol purchased a Drive King Envoy 8 from Lifestyle Mobility and says he is a huge fan of Lifestyle Mobility. “When the scooter arrived, I told all my friends about it. I wanted something pretty sturdy and I got it! It’s been just great and I drive it everywhere now, visiting friends whenever I want to and I use it all the time for going to the park and bird watching, which is a lifelong interest of mine. Thank you Lifestyle Mobility.”

Errol, Joondalup WA

Hans from Chelsea Victoria and his lifestyle mobility scooter

Hans Mulder from Chelsea in Victoria bought a King Drive Cobra scooter from Lifestyle Mobility before Christmas. Hans has told us that he loves his scooter: “I gave up my primary vehicle a while back and I’m in a retirement village now.. Lifestyle Mobility has been great in recommending this scooter to me. It’s just what I need and especially it’s great, being near the beach, I take it for long rides along Port Phillip Bay on most days.”

Hans, Chelsea Victoria

Imogen from Henty New South Wales and her mobility scooter

Imogen Wheeler is from Henty in outback NSW:

Imogen purchased an “Outback” mobility scooter from Lifestyle Mobility… a decision which she says is “a real life changer for me.” “For me, living in Henty, like a lot of regional towns, is harder in some sways than living in a capital city because of the infrequency of public transport. “I’ve got mobility issues and its really been restricting my enjoyment of life. Now I’ve bought an Outback Scooter from Lifestyle Mobility. I can tell you, it’s been a real life changer for me. Just getting around again has been great for me and now I can go where I want to and when I want to. I can visit friends, get to the doctor, cruise around the antique shops. It’s so liberating.”

Imogen, Henty NSW

Chris from Walkerville Adelaide talks about his mobility scooter

Chris of Walkerville in SA is a happy Lifestyle Mobility customer. Chris is connected with the local sports club. The club had an issue with potentially very expensive costs in altering the lift in their building. Basically the sensors did not like it when weights over 100kg were registering with the lifts’ sensors, which was happening when a normal sized gopher went on it. The solution was two smaller scooters- the Drive Spitfire Scout, which the club purchased from Lifestyle Mobility. Chris told us that it was a cost effective solution and the members were very happy with the ease of use of the scooters.

Chris, Walkerville SA