Dandenong is often thought of as a separate city but at the very least it’s Melbourne’s second city centre. Greater Dandenong already has a population over 150, 000 and it still remains a manufacturing hub. Dandenong is a truly multi-cultural city with 60% of its population born overseas. It is undergoing a large scale makeover and is scarcely recognisable compared to even a few years ago.

A major attraction is the extensive range of shops and stores and the low cost of housing. So how do Mobility Scooter users experience Dandenong? The City Council is very positive about making people with disabilities feel welcome including encouraging employers to take on disabled employees.
Vanh uses a Mobility Scooter and has lived in Dandenong for 30 years. He says, “I spent a lot of my working life in Dandenong and have always enjoyed it because of the great range of shops, bakeries and big stores. It’s also easy to catch the train here because the station is an accessible station for mobility scooter users. It is easy to get from my home to the doctor and the chemist and also to the big shopping centre in my scooter. I like it that the Council has scooter Recharge points at the library and the aquatic centre”.