Golden Grove is a modern suburb about 18 kilometres north east of Adelaide. It started off as a small suburb in the 1990’s and has taken off fast since then with around 12, 000 residents currently living there. Power is underground which improves the streetscape a lot and the undulating nature of the suburb means that most residents have outstanding views of the hills and the surrounding landscapes.

Local resident Jane says, “I’ve lived here for 15 years and I’ve been using mobility scooters for the last ten years. As far as getting around is concerned, olden Grove is a little hilly but that’s not a problem with my scooter. The good thing is that because it’s a fairly new the footpaths are good and access for crossing roads is pretty good. I use my scooter a lot and have always found it has plenty of power and it’s never been hard for me to get to the doctor and chemist as well as my local Shopping Centre, Golden Grove Valley. There’s a great variety of easy access shops there and I’m a regular at the little cafes. I can spend several hours there happily, which I could never do without the scooter”.