Horsham is a large and attractive regional town of around 16, 000 people 300 kilometres north-west of Melbourne on the highway to Adelaide. Drawcards here the attractive town, modern hospital, good medical facilities, parks and extensive cycling tracks. 

Parking is always easy, which locals always cite as a major advantage over living in a capital city, along with getting to work in minutes. For mobility scooter users, footpaths are good and shopping is centred in and around Firebrace Street, notably the Plaza and the Gateway Centre with easy access for scooter users. As with many regional towns, public transport is very basic and this makes the ability to utilise a mobility scooter a very attractive and low cost option. 

Local Peter, who drives a mid-size mobility scooter comments “I’m a retiree and couldn’t afford to live in Melbourne any more. Living here, first of all it’s a friendly community. I love being near the Wimmera River and the botanical gardens, which are easy to get around in my scooter. Paying for taxis is not smart when I can be my own boss and get around when I want to and without having to wait. When my grandkids visit I take them you the indoor adventure playground, which they love.”