Millicent is the “half-way town” being 400km equidistant from Adelaide and Melbourne and situated in one of the most attractive parts of South-East SA with a diverse local economy, Millicent has good schools and a TAFE annex and also has a significant share of older residents. 
For mobility scooter users, Millicent is very easy to get around: there are two main intersecting roads with traffic lights, so access to the shops, library, Civic and Arts Centre is incredibly easy. Millicent local Tony says: I moved here from Adelaide to work in the Mill thirty years ago and now that I’m retired and using a mobility scooter to get around, I’ve got absolutely no desire to leave. I’m just off Belt Street so it’s easy to get to Main Street where it’s all happening. 
The town centre is very pretty with historic buildings, the street murals and the town gardens which I go to when I want to chill out. Having the mobility scooter means I can have a quiet game on the pokies whenever I want to and watch my team, the Saints play. It’s great to watch them win and I take my two grandkids to watch too.”