The Riverland of South Australia along the Murray River is one of the State’s most iconic areas with a permanent population of around 45, 000. The entire region is centred Around that river and it’s a magnificent area with majestic views of the River, fantastic surrounding walks and trails and of course the famous houseboats.

The Riverland attracts regular holiday and camping visitors and attracts significant sporting events which thrive in the warm climate. Disability access in such a diverse region is always going to be an interesting issue.
Local resident Arthur lives in Loxton and had this to say about mobility scooter use in his home town of Loxton: “I get around a lot in my mobility scooter and over the last few years, accessibility has become much more of a focus for scooter users. I live off Drabsch Street and from there I make regular visits to Woolies and the other shops on East Terrace- wheelchair and scooter access is good there and I also get down to the Club several times each week. Around here, footpath accessibility is good for me and my scooter. Loxton-Waikerie Council is also good and has been active in getting in engaging the community on their Disability Access and Inclusion Plan. They’re doing what they call “mobilising” both the main Riverland towns.”