Shepparton is a city that’s focussed on inclusion and access for all its residents, with a strong component of this being for those with disabilities. It is estimated that Greater Shepparton has a population of 62, 000 with approximately 12, 000 of those having a permanent disability and another 3, 600 with a temporary disability. 
Of course not all these people have mobility scooters, but certainly a large number do and mobility scooter users benefit from the city being largely flat, with well-planned roads and wide footpaths, making travel easy and accessible for mobility scooter users. Glenlyon Avenue resident Sonya says “It’s really easy for me to get from my home to any of the shops in town on my mobility scooter. 
I’m out and about on my scooter every day and on a sunny day take my scooter for several laps of Victoria Lake.” A fantastic plus for mobility scooter users in Shepparton is that shopkeepers are coming on board with the “Recharge Scheme”- nearly all modern scooters have an off board charger, which means that many friendly shopkeepers provide a power point so that mobility scooter users can recharge the battery on their scooter or wheelchair if required.