Traralgon is Victoria’s twelfth largest town, with a population over 25, 000 and is a diverse rural town with a range of primary industries, with a strong forestry component, including the nearby paper mill, as well as wool, dairy products and vegetable growing. 

The town has always had a significant industrial base and remains a growing city with the attraction of far cheaper housing and living costs than Melbourne, which is two hours away. How do mobility scooter users find living in Traralgon? There is a focus on access for disabled people and there are currently sixteen Recharge points across the city including the railway station, Stocklands shopping centre and the sports stadium, which is very reassuring for mobility scooter users. 

Traralgon’s CBD is conveniently centred around Seymour and Franklins Streets. Long-time local resident Geoff commented: “I spent all my working life here and have retired now. I’m lucky because the wife and I live just off Seymour Street and we get down to Stockland shopping centre easily on our scooters. I’ve even been to Glenview Park to watch the dogs and we get down to the Royal Exchange a couple of days a week to try our luck on the pokies- it’s always easy to get in and out on the mobility scooters.”