For what seems like forever, Victor Harbor has been a constant as a “must do” holiday destination for Adelaide residents in summer. Its population has grown rapidly and now tops 15, 000 with thousands more in town over the Christmas- January period. However, Victor also has the oldest age profile of any city or town in South Australia, with 50% of the town’s population over the age of 55. This has a big impact on disability issues here- not least for those who use mobility scooters. So how does the town shape up for mobility scooter and wheelchair users? 

The Council is well aware of the town’s age profile and there are some definite plusses in terms of mobility scooter use: the Main Street Precinct upgrade plan looks great and will change the look of the town centre for the better once it’s fully completed. 
Local Seaview Road resident Rex says “I’m not too far from the main part of town and Ocean Street has always been accessible and Coral Street is being improved too. The Council is good in keeping in mind the access needs of people with disabilities and there is no problem with the big shopping centres which are easy to get about in”.