Berwick lies south-east of Melbourne on the fringes of the suburban area; in fact, it only became a suburb in the 1990’s. Previously Berwick was surrounded by prime agricultural land. It has retained something of its rural character but has grown greatly with today’s population of 45, 000. It’s certainly a popular place and the only real issue for some people who work in the CBD is driving time, which can range from 50 and 90 minutes. Train travel time from Beaconsfield station is just on 60 minutes, definitely making it a viable option for mobility scooter users. Berwick resident Jenny had this to say about life in Berwick for a mobility scooter user: “When I moved to Berwick 25 years ago it was a big country town. The cost of my house was amazingly low compared to now. My mobility scooter gets me around to most of the places I want to from Chirnside Road where I live. Casey Hospital is nearby and there’s shops nearby which my scooter gets me to- the milk bar, pizza shop and mini-mart. A favourite activity of my mine is travelling on the scooter to Wilson Botanic Park, which is an oasis of gardens, flora and birdlife. It’s very peaceful and my scooter enables me to enjoy it to the full.”