Munno Para and Smithfield Plains are northern suburbs of Adelaide within the City of Playford council area. At the heart of the area is Munno Para Shopping City, a large complex with shops galore and a popular hub for residents. The area is growing too with a huge new land sub division in progress. Other features that residents like are the new schools, medical centre and the upgraded Munno Para train station. It’s also very centrally located.

What’s the area like for mobility scooter users? We spoke to Rachel, a long term resident who said “I find it really easy to get around especially to the doctor and chemist and I’m down at the shopping centre every other day. It’s a great place to relax and shop and is well laid out. Best of all, it’s easy to access in my scooter and I get around in no time at all. There’s quite a few of us on scooters these days and I’m friendly with some regulars at the Centre. There’s good disabled parking here and at the chemist and doctor so I’m able to get up close. I still drive but am not much good for walking and that’s where the scooter is fantastic for me”.