Reservoir is a traditionally working class area 12 km north of Melbourne, and a 30-minute drive into Melbourne CBD. It is very much a multi-cultural area, which is one of its charms. Reservoir is well serviced by public transport and remains a very affordable area for its 50, 000 residents. The City of Darebin in which Reservoir is located has taken a leading role in focussing on access for residents and visitors with disability or mobility issues and has produced online access and mobility maps. These highlight accessible toilets, car parking, public transport stops and safe road crossing points. There are numerous shopping centres throughout with Edwardes Street and Broadway of particular note with their many iconic businesses. Raelene has lived on the north side of the city for her whole life and in Reservoir for over thirty years. Raelene uses a mobility scooter and says “When I bought my mobility scooter four years ago, my main question was, will it get me from my home to Summerhill Shopping Centre? The answer was ‘yes’ and it’s now become part of my life. I’m about a kilometre further along Plenty Road and it does the trip with ease- at least 4 times every week.”