Salisbury is a low cost living area situated to the north off Adelaide. There is an abundance of parks and recreational areas. Other positive points include that the Council is a world leader in wetlands technology. Salisbury is just a 30-minute drive into the CBD and a little less by train. The train service is really good- it’s frequent and the Salisbury Station is a train hub, conveniently located right in the centre of Salisbury. Whilst unemployment is quite high in some areas it remains a good place to get work in the defence and electronics industries.

We spoke to Stephen, a long-time Council employee, now retired, who told us about living in Salisbury and what it’s like for a mobility scooter user such as himself: “After I had hip and knee replacement surgery it just wasn’t that easy to walk long distances so a mobility scooter was the answer for me and Salisbury is good for us. There are quite a few of us and Salisbury is easy to get around because its flat. There are loads of shops and generally I find mobility scooter access pretty easy and shopkeepers in general are helpful. I use the library a lot; it’s scooter and wheelchair friendly and for me in Wiltshire Street it’s an easy trip from home.”