Wangaratta is situated in Northern Victoria about three hours’ drive from Melbourne and not far from the much larger Albury/Wodonga. Its population is around 18, 000 which means Wangaratta is neither small nor large, but locals will tell you that it has a small town feel. 

The town is well laid out and has good schools, shops, cafes and restaurants- all in all a pleasant place to live. For mobility scooter users, the town is easy to get around and generally accessible. There are good disabled facilities at the Indoor Sports and Aquatic Centre. The King George V Gardens in the middle of town are truly beautiful and easy to get around on a mobility scooter. 

To add to the attraction for scooter users there are battery recharge facilities at the Gardens. Local resident and mobility scooter user Brian said “My scooter is speed limited to10km per hour and I still get to work in under 7 minutes; easy. Pretty much everything you need is right here in town except the larger stores. If I start missing big city life, I’ll take the train to Melbourne a couple of times a year and stay for the weekend.”