Mobility Scooters For Sale

At Lifestyle Mobility we offer a wide range of electric mobility scooters suitable for any need or taste

We have anything from Small portable electric scooters, mid sized electric scooter, large all terrain electric scooters, large wide seat electric scooters & recreational golf electric scooters.

Small portable electric mobility scooters are great for anyone who either still uses a car and wants the ease and convince of being able to put it in the back of the car, get to the shops and scooter around without pain.

The other type of small portable electric scooters with lithium batteries are designed with the additional benefit of being able to take them with you when you go on a plane. Our best travel mobility electric scooters are the Mobie, Mobie transformer, Luggie, Luggie Elite, Brio and the Companion wheelchair.

Mid sized mobility electric scooters are good for people who need something with a bit more power and larger wheels to drive along the footpath to the shops. There are a large amount of these mid sized mobility scooters to choose from which makes them a very popular option for anyone who lives in a suburban area doesn’t need to travel more than 25kms in one trip.

Large All terrain mobility electric scooters are the finest around. Boasting excellent suspension for a very smooth and comfortable ride. They have many added features such as digital displays, all round suspension, large padded captains seats, indicators, hazard lights, rear vision mirrors and much much more.

The large all terrain scooters will travel over any type of surface including rocks, hills, broken pavement, fields and farms. They also host large batteries which means the all terrain scooters will go up to 50kms per charge, they also have lots of power making even the most tough hills a breeze. If you are looking for a scooter that won’t let you down then these are the ones for you.