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Invacare Pegasus Metro Mid Sized

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All round comfort, safety and performance; the new and improved Invacare Pegasus Metro mobility scooter is one of the most reliable mobility scooters at Lifestyle Mobility. Features include automatic speed reduction (ASR) on bends which reduces the risk of tipping, speed reduction button for built up areas like supermarkets and independent suspension which delivers a safe and smooth driving experience. This stunning mid sized scooter has a range of up to 54Km’s on one charge, now that’s impressive!





The suspension system has been designed to navigate a
variety of everyday surfaces and terrains.

In addition to a unique lighting system, the Pegasus METRO is equipped with an electronic speed reduction feature that
automatically reduces speed around bends.

A two-step disengaging lever prevents the scooter from freewheeling if it is knocked out of drive mode.

Electronics and the motor are protected from corrosion and water which safeguard the vital workings of the scooter against dirt
preventing any unnecessary malfunctions.

Now with interchangeable colour panels you can change your scooter colour to suit your mood! Style is forever.

Order Now and have this great Scooter  delivered, fully installed to your door. We Offer Free Delivery to Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Darwin & Perth.

Colours Available: RED | WHITE | GREEN | BLUE | SILVER


Maximum Speed: 10 km
Battery Spec.: 12V/ 50AH(Lead-acid battery)*2 (standard)
Front Wheel: 27.94 cm
Rear Wheel: 27.94 cm
Dimensions.: 127(L)*66(W) cm
Weight Capacity: 136 kg
Per Charge Range: 54 km
Chassis Height Above Ground: 7.8 cm
Seat Height Above Ground: 51 cm
Net Weight: 110 kg
Battery Weight (One Unit): 12V/50AH 15-20kg


Pegasus Metro