Solax Charge Travel Mobility Scooter


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The all new Solax Charge combines all the latest technology in an automatic folding scooter!

The Solac Charge is the first Solax to feature a USB charging port that enables the user to charge their mobile phone or iPad. Some other handy tech additions include automatic folding via remote control, an LED headlight and a digital dashboard that displays your speed, trip distance and battery life.
A re-designed seat boasts a higher backrest with extra padding for additional comfort, while the armrests fold out of the way for easier access. A convenient carry handle has been added under the seat for easier manual lifting or hoist attachment.
The 3 different folding options provide flexibility for every situation, users can choose from the automatic fold via remote control, automatic fold via buttons located on the dashboard or manual fold option.
The seat sensor will ensure the scooter will not fold when the user is seated on the chair, while the headlight provides additional visibility in low light weather conditions.
*Note: The Solax folding basket is currently not compatible with the Solax Charge model. However, a new bracket is being developed for 2021 that will allow for the basket to attach to the Solax Charge tiller.



Adjustable rear suspension
Digital Dash
Automatic folding
23.5kg without battery
Extra long backrest for additional Comfort


Weight Capacity: 125 kg
Maximum Speed: 6 km
Turning Radius: 125 cm
Dimensions: 100 (L)* 55.5 (W)* 86.5 (H) cm
Travel Distance: up to 15 km
Total Weight: 25 kg
Battery: 24V, 10AH Lithium


Solax Charge