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Your bed can make all the difference in the world. The best sleeping position is lying on your back with your knees slightly elevated. The slight curve most of us have in our spines when sleeping combined with our body weight puts pressure on our lower backs unless we raise our knees.
By elevating your knees you release pressure on your lower spine and improve circulation to your legs. Doctors recommend people sleeping on flat beds raise their knees with pillows to release lower spine pressure but, who can keep pillows in place
all night?
Avoid sleeping on your stomach. Rotating your head from one side to the other all night, to avoid sleeping with you face buried in your pillow, often leaves you with a stiff
neck in the morning.
Sleeping on your side with your knees drawn up relieves pressure on your spine. But, now putting all your weight on one side creates pressure points that cut off circulation. This can cause you to toss and turn from one side to the other up to 60 times a night.


  • 1001 different positions to ensure you
    will find the most comfortable position
  • Vibrational massage therapy with 6
    different levels of intensity
  • Complete with 10, 20 and 30 minute
    massage timer
  • Zero Gravity, TV, reading position pre
  • Ultra modern wireless hand control
  • Lifetime warranty on the base
  • 10 years warranty on all moving part
    including the hand control
  • Battery back up
  • Night light feature
  • Wall hugging technology
  • Lumbar Support / Neck Tilt


Bed Sizes:

Single – 36” x 80” ( 90cm x 201cm)
King Single – 42” x 80” ( 105cm x 201cm)
Double – 54” X 74” ( 137cm x 188cm)
Dual Queen – 30” X 80” ( 75cm X 201cm)
Queen – 60” x 80” ( 150cm x 201cm)
Dual King 2 x 36” x 80” ( 2 x 90cm x 201cm)
Dual Super Wide King 2 x 42” x 80” ( 2 x 105cm x 201cm)